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Harry Potter - Post-it notes-limited edition

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  "Harry Potter - Post-it notes-limited edition" was born with the idea of having customers who are unfamiliar with architectural models come into contact with each other and enjoy the elaborate and delicate design of each piece of laser-processed paper. At first glance, it looks like a normal notepad, but as you use it, elaborate objects will appear at the end. Each first-class architect puts effort into the design of the model, creates the details of the building, and devises so that the building can be reproduced as it is. 

  You can create "Harry Potter", which has enthusiastic fans all over the world, and Hogwarts Castle, which appears in the story, with your own hands. Inside Hogwarts Castle is the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where Harry and his friends attend, and is the main stage of the story. You can visit the place you admire while writing down important moments on high-quality crafted paper. As you use the notepads one by one, Hogwarts Castle will gradually appear. You can enjoy the completed "Hogwarts Castle" in the attached clear showcase. It can also be used as a pen stand.

Product Description As you use it as a message card as a memo one by one, gradually elaborate 3D art will appear.
Product size W 85 x D 82 x H 43 mm
Product weight 166 g
Material Body: Paper.
Other packaging: Paper box
Number of sheets: 150 sheets

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